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Is Marriage on the cards in 2024?

Speaking of the year 2024 in general, according to the planetary positions, it is comparatively a better time period than the previous year in terms of Marriage perspective.

If your marriage has not been fixed till now, then you can get your charts properly analyzed to find out the exact reason behind the same and get to know when you will get married.

Why Marriage Gets Delayed?

There comes a time in one’s life when things go out of order and not as planned, which disrupts the whole cycle of that individual.

Marriage is one such major life event which is an essential part in the overall existence of human beings. However, not everyone is lucky enough to witness this sacred bond of marriage due to different types of hurdles that comes along like a wave of an ocean.

Reason behind this can vary from person to person like:

Why Suffer? When the Solution is available


Are you Facing any of these problems in your Relationship or Marriage?

If you or any of your friend is going through this phase, then you are at the right place!

Consult Renowned Celebrity Astrologer Acharya Gagan and get complete guidance and solution for your Relationship and Marriage problems.

What you will get in this Consultation?

"Astrology is not which predicts your Future,
Astrology is which helps you to Resolve your issues,
get the Desired results & create your Future."

- Acharya Gagan

About Acharya Ji

Interviewed By:

Acharya Ji spent his entire life to study the scriptures and gained sacred knowledge of the Vedas, Upanishads & Shastras. He has been practicing many sadhnas, dhyan, meditation & distance healing techniques.

He has also been into numerous renowned TV Channels in many debates and Spiritual Programmes.

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What Clients Say About Us

"My close friend told me about Acharya ji..."

There is one stage in life, when you are scrolling on facebook and what you see is people are getting married, your friends and colleagues are getting married and then you start comparing yourself with them. Thats the stage when tension starts, and that is what I was going through, when I being in my 30s, was not able to find a suitable life partner. It was then it hit me that I should take things seriously now. My close friend told me about Acharya ji a few months back, so I consulted him regarding my situation. He guided me for a few remedies and I followed it properly, due to all of this am finally married now all thanks to acharyaji.

Taarika, Delhi

"Genuinely want to thank Acharya Gagan ji who helped me..."

Marriage getting delayed is a very frustating event that happens to you. I have been there and trust me its not something you can deal with easily. Its better to get your kundlis matched properly and find out why the marriage is getting delayed. My horoscope had a few problems to which Acharya ji addressed in a very positive manner, and told me that all these issues will get resolved. I don't believe much in astrology and stuff but I genuinely want to thank Acharya Gagan ji who helped me in resolving my marriage problem. I would recommend everyone to atleast get to know about the reasons of your problems by consulting him. You won't regret

Nalini, Bangalore

"That thing actually worked, I got married recently..."

Patience is the key to a whole lot of issues in life. That's what I learnt after taking consultation from acharyaji. I have consulted a lot of pundits and astrologers and they all say one thing that your problem will get resolved in 24 hours, I mean who are you kidding to? There is no magic that will happen in 24 hours! Here with Acharyaji the things were different, he told me how the puja process will be done but it takes time so you have to be patient and follow the process. That thing actually worked, I got married recently and can't thank him enough for his honest advise and blessings.

Kiara, Mumbai

"The consultation charges are well worth it..."

About the consultation charges, let me say this, it is well worth it! I took the detailed one which was at first a bit expensive, but after talking to him and how well the overall experience was, I was quite satisfied. I consulted regarding my daughter's marriage which was delayed from 2-3 years until now. She is living happily with her husband and things are great between them. Acharya ji provided constant support and cleared all my doubts and confusions. Thanks again for the appointment.

Kamala Devi, Pune

"Awesome session..."

Thankyou for the awesome session Acharyaji. I learnt a lot from you and would definitely get in touch with you again. Today my life is well settled all because how you warned me about that guy I was dating. He was actually hiding a lot. But anyways, I followed your remedies and I am married now with a good and caring husband. Will definitely call again regarding my career next.

Aradhana, Gurgaon

" my desired life partner..."

With the blessings of Acharyaji, i got my desired life partner & got happily married.

Ankita, Mumbai

"i was not able to get married for so long time but..."

I was very depressed bcoz i was not able to get married for so long time. every time the marriage was fixed but then it gets broken due to some or the other reason then i consulted acharya gagan ji and he gave some upay to follow and kept motivating me and now i am finally married. The upay did work thankyou acharya ji for your guidance

Veena, Delhi

"...he guided us, why the problem is coming..."

Our family was not ready for love marriage then we seek guidance from acharyaji he guided us, why the problem is coming as per his instructions we did all the rituals then our family agreed for this marriage. His way of dealing things are very nice. I personally recommend if you facing relationship problem like me then you must consult him.

Simran, Gurgaon

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A1. The charges for Astrology Consultation is Rs.2100 (if there is a discount then it would be mentioned in the page itself), in which we will connect you with Acharya ji and then you can discuss your queries with him regarding a particular area.

A2. There are 3 modes of Consultation:

Telephonic Consultation – You can directly talk to Acharya ji regarding your concerns over the phone. This consultation is only for a particular topic.

Email Consultation – In email, you send us all the necessary details required for the consultation along with your query, then after analysis is done by Acharya ji, we will send you the report via Email in 2-3 working days.

Detailed Consultation – In Detailed Consultation, you can discuss your query in detail with Acharya ji.

 To book your appointment, you can pay via GooglePay or by Bank Transfer as well.

To pay via GooglePay/Bank Transfer, revert us and we will share you the details

A3. In this telephonic consultation, you can discuss any particular area like Relationship/Marriage/Career/Business/Financial etc. with Acharya ji directly. After analyzing your query and birth charts, he will guide you ahead regarding your concerns, and if applicable, he will also suggest you Remedies as well for your problem.

A4. The charges are for One-Time Consultation only. However, if any of your doubt/query gets left out in this session, then you can talk to Acharya ji again within 1-2 days without any extra charges.

A5. After the analysis of your kundli and birth charts, Acharya ji will guide you and suggest you Remedies for your problem on the basis of planetary positions and dasha. He will tell you if any doshas are present and the root cause of your problem and the reason behind why you are facing such problem. The Remedies are not general, they vary from person to person as per their problems and planetary positions.